8 Ways to Grow Your Income from Your Existing Blog (without additional traffic)

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Do you have a blog where you have some existing traffic and are already making some money?

If Yes! Then this article is for you.

I see many new bloggers working really hard to get more traffic.

While this is the right thing to do, one mistake a lot of bloggers (new as well old) make is to consider all traffic as equal.

In most cases – it is n’t!

Let me explain.

Suppose you have a blog about graphic designing tips.

Below are some categories of people who may visit your blog:

  1. A person who doesn’t know anything about graphic designing and wants to learn about it from scratch (including the tools that he/she should use)
  2. A person who already has the tools and wants to learn how to do design beautiful graphics by themselves.
  3. A person who doesn’t have the time to learn graphic designing and would rather outsource it to a design agency or a freelancer.

Now, if this is your blog and gets a lot of traffic, and you are only monetizing it using display ads – you’re leaving money on the table.

In the above categories of people, there are ways you can make extra money with the same blog posts (without any additional traffic).

  1. For people who know nothing, you can recommend some easy to use tools and earn some commission when they buy it using your link. For example, you can show them how to create great designs with Adobe Indesign and put your affiliate link in it.
  2. For people who just want to quickly learn something – display ads are a good way to monetize.
  3. For people who would rather outsource graphic designing, you can offer your own graphic designing services or partner with someone and pass on the leads to them.

You get the idea.. right?

Not everyone who lands on your blog has the same intent, and therefore you shouldn’t treat everyone as equal when it comes to monetization.

And that is why I say – not all traffic is equal.

By stacking multiple monetization methods, you can instantly make more money with the same number of blog posts and traffic.

I have experimented with different monetization methods on the same blog and it has helped me make thousands of dollars of extra money every month.

In this article, I will cover the different ways you can consider to stack your income sources on a blog and make more money.

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Offer Your Services

When someone lands on your blog (be it from search engines,  social media, email, or any other way), there is some level of trust that is built automatically.

You are seen as an authority on that topic and it puts you in a good place to offer your services as an expert.

You can place a ‘Hire Me’ or ‘Services’ link in the navigation or in the sidebar to let people know that you’re available.

Below is an example of one such site where the blogger is offering her copy-writing services.

Hire Me Link in the Navigation

Promote Related Affiliate Product/Courses

If there are products and services in your niche, you can reach out to these companies and check if they have an affiliate program.

You can then promote affiliate products to your blog readers and make some extra money with it.

For example, if you’re a copywriter, you can recommend tools such as Grammarly or Pro-writing Aid, both of which are great tools for anyone who writes and have affiliate programs as well.

In some niches, finding an affiliate product can be a challenge.

For my Excel blog, it took me a while to find a product that I trusted enough to recommend to my readers.

And since it was a great fit for my readers, I got a good response as soon as I started promoting it.

In the first few days of promoting it, I made ~$400 (INR ~25,000) in commissions. It continues to make more than INR 10,000 every month (with no extra effort).

Make Money from a blog - Affiliate income from email

This may not seem like a huge amount of money, but for a blog post that would have earned only a few dollars with display ads, this is a good upside.

Apart from this software tool that I promote, I also promoted a friend’s online course on one of my blogs. I sent one email with the details and it ended up making ~INR 45,000 in commission.

Earn Money Online in India - Affiliate Earnings course

The most important thing when promoting affiliate products is to make sure that it’s a good fit for your audience.

Always keep your readers interest ahead of yours.

Also, I never recommend a product I haven’t used myself. This has two major benefits:

  • Being a user/consumer of the product/service, it makes me 100% sure that the product is right for my audience.
  • It helps me explain the intricacies of the product in a clear way. This helps in better conversion.

Pro Tip: If you’re promoting a tool (or web-based service), create a video and show the exact steps one needs to use that product. I have found this to increase conversion rates.

Promote Amazon Affiliate Products

Amazon has an affiliate program where you can earn a commission of 4-10% on the products you recommend.

Depending on your niche, you can look for products that you can promote and make some money via commission.

In many cases, the blog posts that recommend Amazon products outperform display ads. But this is something you will have to test for yourself.

This works great in some niches. For example, if you’re in the travel niche or parenting niche or health niche, you can find and recommend thousands of relevant products from Amazon.

For one of my blogs, I couldn’t find anything except books to promote. So I went ahead and wrote an article about it.

Now I promote it all my new email subscribers. It’s useful for them and also helps make me some extra money.

Earning From Amazon Book Sales


While it’s not a lot of money, it’s growing and making a lot more than a regular display ad.

Switch to a higher paying ad network

If you get a lot of traffic and are making good money with display ads, you may want to experiment with some ad networks as well.

Two that have been known to pay more than Google Adsense are Ad Thrive (requires
100,000 monthly pageviews) and Media Vine (requires at least 25k sessions/month).

I am sure there are more, but I only know of these two.

You need to apply for these ad networks and get the approval. There is also a possibility they may reject your application as they look for some specific niche and traffic sources.

Food and lifestyle bloggers find Ad Thrive and Media Vine to be much better than any other ad network and some have seen their ad income grow by more than 100%.

So if you full-fill their criteria, give these networks and shot and see if it helps grow your ad-income. In case it doesn’t, you always have the option to go back to your previous ad network.

Create and Sell Info Products

If you have a blog that focusses on providing useful information, you can consider packaging this information into an Ebook or Video course and sell it to your audience.

Info products work really well in many niches and have a huge profit margin.

And the best part of creating an info product is that you don’t need any extra effort or resources in selling more copies of it. If you can sell one of it, you can thousands with very less additional effort and cost.

I have been selling online courses for more than 3 years now and make $5,000+ every month from it.

Pro Tip: Selling info products work well when you have an email list. If you don’t have one already, start building one.

Upsell to Your Existing Customers

It’s easiest to sell to people who already trust you and have bought from you in the past.

If you have an info product (an Ebook or a video course), you can create another one which your existing customers will find useful.

Another good upsell is offering personal coaching. This could be one-on-one coaching or group coaching.

In my experience, the best time to pitch for an upsell is right after someone has bought from you. As soon as someone makes a purchase, show them an upsell offer. Since they already trust you (after all they made a purchase a few seconds ago), you’re likely to see a much better conversion.

Pro Tip: If you’re not clear on what to create next – ask your existing customers. You’re more likely to get an honest response. if needed, compensate them for their time. It could be through an Amazon gift card or a generous discount on your next product.

Retarget Existing Audience with Products/Affiliate

Not everyone who lands on your blog is going to buy the info product you’re selling or the affiliate product you’re promoting.

And one thing is for sure – anyone who lands on your blog is going to leave.

Now, one way to make sure you get to reach out to them again is by capturing their emails. But again, not everyone is going to give it to you.

Another way is to re-target these people on Facebook with relevant offers.

For example, if you’re selling a video course and someone visits the sales page but doesn’t buy the course, you can retarget them on Facebook with a relevant ad.

This can be done by installing Facebook pixel on that page and creating a custom audience of all the people who visited the sales page.

Now you can run ads on Facebook to retarget these people. Since they have already been to your page and have some idea about it, they are more likely to make a purchase.

You can also use retargeting if you’re promoting a high commission affiliate product.

Pro Tip: Facebook Ads retargeting can take some time to optimize. You need to test different ads with each other to find the ones that are converting well. This is likely to take some time and investment. Also, retargeting only makes sense when you’re making more money in sales than what you’re spending on Facebook Ads.

Work of Fine Tuning your Email Funnel

If you’re not collecting email ids already, drop everything and do it now.

Your email list is your most prized possession and is the best way to monetize your loyal readers.

But just collecting email ids is not enough. It’s only the first step in getting details of your potential customers/clients.

Suppose someone joins your email list and you send then the eBook or the PDF you promised.

What after that?

You can send them an occasional email about your new blog post or a new offer you’re promoting. But that’s not the best way to go about it.

And this is where email funnels come into the picture.

With an Email funnel, you can segment your email subscribers and send them emails that are relevant to them.

For example, if you’re running a blog about learning how to play guitar, you can segment your audience based on whether they are absolute beginners or intermediate guitar players.

Based on this, you can send them emails that are more relevant to them. And once you have nurtured them by providing value through your emails, you can try different methods to monetize.

For example, to someone who is an absolute beginner, you can recommend guitar related products or some beginner information product (an eBook or a course). And for someone who is a little ahead in their guitar learning, you can offer advanced courses (or even promote other people’s courses).

Below is a simple example of the kind of email funnel that can convert well. Since every funnel and audience are different, you need to test it out and optimize it from time to time.

Having a funnel and optimizing it is a great way to grow your income. It allows you to make sure each person joining your email list goes through the same experience.

Simple Email funnel Example - to gorw your income from blog

Above I have shown a very simple email funnel, but the concept remains the same. Segment people based on their interests and monetize them based on it.

Note: Not everyone in your email list is going to become a paying customer. Rather, most of them wouldn’t. But you should still strive to serve each and every one of them


If you’re new to blogging and are not making any money, your first step should be to grow your blog and monetize it.

Once you have applied one monetization technique and it’s working well for the blog, you can start experimenting with others as well.

Having multiple monetization methods allow you to scale your blog income without any significant increase in traffic.

A word of advice – always keep your reader’s interest at the forefront. Don’t bombard them with ads or affiliate products or info products at the same time. Your first step should be to be useful and provide value to your readers. and then try and monetize them based on what’s right for them.

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