Niche Sites Income Report – December 2021


$ 31,292


$ 1,659


$ 29,633

These income reports are only for those niche sites that I started in 2019 or later

While November was the best month in 2021, December also did not disappoint.

While the traffic went down a little in the latter part of the month, high RPMs made up for it.

All in all, a pretty good month.

Didn’t Publish Much Content

While it’s fun and exciting to build and manage a portfolio of niche sites, at times, it cal also get boring and monotonous.

Since I proofread and publish all the articles myself, the process can sometimes feel dry and repetitive.

In December, I decided to take it slow and didn’t publish much.

In total, I published 22 articles on all the sites combined (14 of which were on Site #8).

Site 8 ( Just Wouldn’t Budge

While I continue to add more content to this site, the traffic has stagnated.

In December 2021, it got a little over 4,500 page views, which is less than half of what it was getting when I bought it in September 2021.

At the same time, every article that I publish on this site costs me $80-120.

It’s a bit frustrating, but I have done this long enough to know that this is part of the process. Sometimes, it just takes more time.

Niche Sites Income in December 2021

Site 114864,572$ 2,371
Site 2269107,237 $ 3,891
Site 323486,279$ 2,585
Site 48617,963$ 537
Site 5149270,247$ 20,772
Site 612922,072$ 476
Site 718412,469$ 595
Site 8 WhyRabbits.com1204,538$ 66

If you’re interested in learning more about the sites, check out the first income report.

Total Income in December 2021 – $31,292 (vs. 39,216 last month)

Some $$ screenshots:

Mediavine Income December 2021
Site 5 on Mediavine
AdThrive Income December 2021
Site 1 on AdThrive

Now let’s have a look at the expenses.

Expense in December 2021

  • Kinsta: $ 400
  • Manage WP: $ 15
  • Jasper AI: $ 99
  • Upwork Writer: $ 516
  • In-house writer: $ 500
  • Copyscape: $ 100
  • NameCheap (domain renewal): $ 29

Total Expense: $1,659 (vs. $2,228 last month)

Expenses related to hosting and some of the plugins/tools are paid yearly. I will add these whenever they come up for renewal.

Net Income for December 2021: $29,633 (vs. 36,988 last month)

What Am I Reading/Learning?

For December, my book club decided to go for ‘Will’ by Will Smith.

It’s his autobiography, which he narrates himself in the audiobook. His style of delivery makes it a fun listen.

We wanted a light read for December, and this book ended up being just that. Since it’s his life story, you don’t need to think a lot when reading such books.

If you’re a Will Smith fan, you might like it.

My Favorite Tools and Services

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