Niche Sites Income Report – February 2021







These income reports are only for those niche sites that I started in 2019 or later

February did better than expected.

The traffic rose and so did the RPM.

Despite having fewer days, all sites (except one) did better than the last month.

February 2021 Highlights

I took it slow in February and didn’t publish much content. I also decided to travel to the hills (Uttrakhand) and work from there

Workation from the Hills

After being in a lockdown-like situation for 10 months, I decided to take a break and work from the hills (Uttrakhand).

Working from the hills

While we still stayed indoors most of the time, we did go out for treks and long walks.

It was a great experience connecting with nature and not working as much as I usually do.

And the great thing about owning income-generating websites is that you can take a break without worrying about losing a lot of income. In fact, my February numbers were better than Jan.

Niche Sites Income in February 2021

  • Site 1 (Home Improvement) – $ 2,125
  • Site 2 (Home Improvement) – $ 3,044
  • Site 3 (Pets) -$ 863
  • Site 4 (Outdoor) – $ 272
  • Site 5 (Tech) – $ 746
  • Site 6 (Broad Multi-niches) – $ 0
  • Site 7 (Home Improvement) – $ 251

If you’re interested in learning more about the sites, check out the first income report.

Total Income in January 2021 – $ 7,301 (vs. $6,813 last month)

Some $$ screenshots:

AdThrive Feb 2021

Amazon Associates Feb 2021

Now let’s have a look at the expenses.

Expense in February 2021

  • Kinsta: $ 200
  • Manage WP: $ 12.6
  • WordAgents: $ 1,083
  • Reach Creator: $ 1,740
  • Canva: $ 99
  • Appsumo (AMZ Image): $ 49
Total Expense: $ 3,184 (vs. $ 893 last month)

Expenses related to some of the plugins/tools are paid yearly. I will add these whenever they come up for renewal.

Net Income for February 2021: $ 4,117 (vs. $ 6,220 last month)

What Am I Reading?

For February, our book club chose the book – Lost and Founder by Rand Fishkin.

It’s a book about startups and the challenges you may face when starting and growing a startup. If you’re in SEO, you may find it interesting, as it talks about the popular SEO tool company Moz.

All in all – a decent one-time read with some good takeaways.

My Favorite Tools and Services

Disclosure: Some of the links in this income report are affiliate links. So if you choose to use my links to make a purchase, it helps me with a little commission (without any extra cost to you, of course)

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