Niche Sites Income Report – January 2021







These income reports are only for those niche sites that I started in 2019 or later

After the festive month’s bonanza, it’s time for some slow-down.

The overall traffic of my niche sites also went down a bit, which further impacted the overall income.

But nothing unexpected (happens every January).

This will likely pick up in March, which is year-end for many companies, with some marketing budget to exhaust.

January 2021 Highlights

While I continue to publish more content on my existing sites, I am also working on creating a new set of niche sites (on fresh as well as aged domains).

Adding a New Site to Niche Sites Reports

Apart from the 6 niche sites that I already have in the income reports, I am adding a new site (Site #7) from this month onwards.

This is a site I bought in December for ~$10K.

It’s was already making ~$200 per month from Amazon (including a little from display ads). I will try and scale this site with info content and monetize it using display ads.

I spent quite some time in December to get this site in shape (it had a lot of thin content and poorly made money pages).

While I don’t expect any immediate gain, I do expect it to show some growth in the next 3-6 months. This is a broad home improvement niche and I plan to add a lot of content for each category.

Niche Sites Income in January 2021

  • Site 1 (Home Improvement) – $1,985
  • Site 2 (Home Improvement) – $2,982
  • Site 3 (Pets) -$800
  • Site 4 (Outdoor) – $266
  • Site 5 (Tech) – $510
  • Site 6 (Broad Multi-niches) – $0
  • Site 7 (Home Improvement) – $270

If you’re interested in learning more about the sites, check out the first income report.

Total Income in January 2021 – $6,813 (vs. $9,541 last month)

Some $$ screenshots:

January AdThrive

January Amazon Associates

Now let’s have a look at the expenses.

Expense in January 2021

No major expense was done in January, as I am still working with the agencies on the content I ordered in November 2020.

Total Expense: $592.6 (vs. $893 last month)

Expenses related to some of the plugins/tools are paid yearly. I will add these whenever they come up for renewal.

Net Income for January 2021: $6,220 (vs. $8,648 last month)

I expect the ad rates to continue to be low, so February might also be a slow month for these sites.

What Am I Reading?

For January, my book club buddies chose the book – No Rules Rules by Erin Meyer and Reed Hastings.

It’s a book about Netflix culture and how they do things differently. It’s full of anecdotes and I really enjoyed the book.

I highly recommend you give this one a read.

My Favorite Tools and Services

Disclosure: Some of the links in this income report are affiliate links. So if you choose to use my links to make a purchase, it helps me with a little commission (without any extra cost to you, of course)

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