Niche Sites Income Report – October 2021


$ 34,789


$ 1,883


$ 32,906

These income reports are only for those niche sites that I started in 2019 or later

In October, we enter the Golden Quarter for display ad sites.

The ad rates are going to be great for the entire quarter.

The Redirect Experiment Might Actually Work

In July 2021, I decided to change the domain of one of my sites (Site #1 in this income report).

I did this as the name I chose was for a very tiny niche and I wanted to cover more topics on the same site.

So I bought a new domain and redirect the original site to this new domain.

And things went south for a few weeks (income declined by ~50%).

But looks like the site has turned a corner. While it’s still not at the levels before I redirected the site, at least it increased from last month.

I will continue to add more content to it and hope it continues to grow.

New Case Study Site – Traffic Continues to Drop

I bought a new site from Motion Invest and announced it last month (where I also revealed the domain name). You can learn more about it here.

The traffic has nose-dived since I bought the site and was down 48% this month.

I am yet to add more content to it, so I am hoping that I will see some growth in the next 3-6 months.

Niche Sites Income in October 2021

Site 113635,907$ 1,607
Site 226983,425 $ 2,626
Site 322482,709$ 2,288
Site 48613,429$ 347
Site 5139349,638$ 26,990
Site 612820,250$ 393
Site 716621,910$ 506
Site 81014,788 $ 32

If you’re interested in learning more about the sites, check out the first income report.

Total Income in October 2021 – $34,789 (vs. $33,539 last month)

Some $$ screenshots:

Mediavine Income Oct 2021
Site 5 on Mediavine
AdThrive Income Oct 2021
Site 2 on AdThrive

Now let’s have a look at the expenses.

Expense in October 2021

  • Kinsta: $ 300
  • Manage WP: $ 15
  • Upwork Writer: $ 1,068
  • In-house writer: $ 500

Total Expense: $1,883 (vs. $11,751 last month)

Expenses related to hosting and some of the plugins/tools are paid yearly. I will add these whenever they come up for renewal.

Net Income for October 2021: $32,906 (vs. 21,788 last month)

What Am I Reading/Learning?

For October, my Bookclub chose Traction by Gino Wickman. It’s about how to efficiently run your business using the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

It’s a decent book for someone who’s looking for tips about team management and scaling. Since I am a solopreneur and mostly work with freelancers and agencies, there wasn’t much in it for me.

But the rest of the folks in the book club found it good, so might be worth checking out for you.

My Favorite Tools and Services

Disclosure: Some of the links in this income report are affiliate links. So if you choose to use my links to make a purchase, it helps me with a little commission (without any extra cost to you, of course)

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